How to send a lot of photos over email – a step by step guide

January 30, 2015

Email is still one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with someone, however it wasn’t originally designed for sending large multimedia files like photos. Use this step-by-step guide to avoid some common problems when sending large numbers of pictures via email. Although instant messaging services like Whatsapp are […]

How to Find Free Stock Images for your Blog

April 28, 2014

We review some popular places and methods to get free photos and other images for your blog or website, and list whether you need to give attribution to the source or not. We also touch on what you need to know about the subjects of Creative Commons commercial licenses and […]

How to get Cheap Stock Photos using Google Image Search

March 11, 2014

Searching for the perfect pic for your new website or blog? Maybe you’ve got something in mind but the cost of photos on stock sites is adding up? We’ve got some clever tips on how to save money on high-quality images from stock photo sites. But first… Microstock sites – […]